Idiom:  how the other half lives


Idiom:  how the other half lives

  • the way people who have a lot more or a lot less money live

Example sentences

— She’s never lived anywhere except Beverly Hills so she has no idea how the other half lives.

— Coming from a poor family, I was shocked to see how the other half lives. We'd never take 20 minute showers or keep the air conditioning on all day.

— He’s a millionaire now but he knows very well how the other half lives because he grew up very poor.

— I couldn't believe how the other half lived when I went home with my college roommate and we flew on the family's private jet and cruised on their 250 foot yacht.

— My eyes were really opened to how the other half lives when I volunteered in rural West Virginia.

— It's a lot easier to appreciate what you have when you see how the other half lives

— If you don't understand the difficulties of how the other half lives, it's very easy to believe they're all lazy.

— Losing my job and not being able to find another for three years helped me understand first-hand how the other half lives.

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