Idiom:  have the last laugh


Idiom:  have the last laugh

  • to be successful at something others thought you wouldn’t be able to do

Example sentences

— No one believed I could become famous when I was in high school but I had the last laugh.

— My parents always say I’ll never be a doctor but I’m going to have the last laugh.

— Don't worry, you'll have the last laugh when you're a successful singer .

— had the last laugh when the 40th publisher accepted my book.

— When my YouTube channel takes off, I'll have the last laugh.

— Our son had the last laugh when he started to make more money as a gamer than my husband does as an accountant.

— My sister thinks she'll have the last laugh and become a supermodel but there's zero chance of that happening.

— I was bullied throughout high school but by our 10-year reunion, I was more successful than my classmates and had the last laugh.


  • come out on top
  • take the cake
  • prove someone wrong

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