Idiom:  have someone/something on one’s hands


Idiom:  have someone (something) on one’s hands

  • to have a person or problem you have to deal with

Example sentences

  • Unfortunately, I’ve got a serious problem on my hands with the new factory in Thailand so I’ve got to travel there tomorrow.
  • Our twins were quiet babies but now we’ve got very noisy and active two-year-old's on our hands.
  • If we don't get these packages in the mail today, we're going to have some very unhappy customers on our hands.

  • A group of drunk men just came into our restaurant. It looks as though we’re going to have trouble on our hands.
  • Unfortunately, a pipe broke in our house while we were away this weekend and now we have a flood on our hand.

  • Someone just slipped on the wet floor in the lobby and I'm afraid we may have a lawsuit on our hands.

  • I wish I could come to your party this evening but I dropped my keys down the elevator shaft so I've got a huge problem on my hands.

  • Someone tried to change the copier toner themselves and didn't manage to do it so I've got a huge mess on my hands to clean up. 


  • something to contend with
  • deal with

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