Idiom:  have someone's ear

Drawing of close up of woman whispering into a man's ear with the idiom definition of "Have someone's ear" and a sentence example: Sarah has the director's ear so she'll pitch the proposal tomorrow.


Idiom:  have someone's ear

  • to have access to speak and have influence with someone
  • to know someone who has power or authority who will listen to you

Example sentences

— Don't worry, I've got the director's ear so I'll make sure he knows what happened.

— I'd love to get the editor's ear from a major publisher but it's really hard to get a manuscript past the literary agents.

— Whoever has the minister's ear is giving some really bad advice.

— Everyone tries to be really nice to the chief of staff because he has the president's ear.

— Do you know anyone who has that ear of the HR Director at Apple? I'd love to work there.

— If we can get seated at the head table, will have the owner's ear for an hour to try to pitch the sale.

— Corrupt businessmen have the police chief's ear.

— Ask Sarah to talk to him. She always has his ear.

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