Idiom:  have had it

Have had it idiom definition and example: Don't talk to me like that. I've had it with your attitude."


Idiom:  have had it (with someone/something)

  • not willing to continue doing or experiencing something 

Note:  this is often because you’re tired or frustrated

Example sentences

— My parents have had it with the cold winters in Boston and are moving to Florida.

— We’ve been walking around trying to find the shop for three hours and I’ve had it—let’s go home. 

— Let's go see a movie. I've had it with all the pharmaceutical commercials on TV.

— I've had it with work and desperately need a vacation soon.

— I'd finally had it with the hour-and-a-half commute each way to and from work and quit my job last week.

— The majority of Americans have had it with Trumpism and voted him out of office.

— We've changed our return policy to two weeks because we've had it with customers who return items after several months.

— We've had it with all of the noise and traffic of the city and will be moving to the suburbs this summer.

— Hasn't she had it with her boyfriend yet? He treats her so poorly and is rude to us as well.


  • fed up
  • sick and tired
  • up to here

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