Idiom:  have an ear for something


Idiom:  have an ear for something

  • to be good at hearing and repeating sounds in speech or in music

Example sentences

— Your accent in French is so good—you really have an ear for languages.

— He learned how to play the piano without taking lessons because he has an ear for music

— Comedians who can do good impersonations have a real ear for the subtleties of people's speech.

— I was never good at music—I just don't have an ear for it.

— To be a great DJ, you need to have an ear for music to put together playlists of songs that flow smoothly from one to the next.

— At "Musical U," in just a few months anyone can develop an ear for music.

— We're looking for job candidates who have an ear for music. Please be advised you will need to take a test to determine if you have perfect or relative pitch. 

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