Idiom:  hang onto (something)


Idiom:  hang onto (something)

  • to keep something

Example sentences

— I’m going to hang onto your passport until we check you into the hotel and then I’ll return it to you.

— Hang onto this ticket—you’ll need it to get into the seminar.

— I like to hang onto all of the letters and cards I get so I can re-read them years later.

— I'll hang onto the memories of this trip for the rest of my life.

— Hang onto that thought. I've got to go put the kids to bed and then I'll call you back.

— Could you hang onto my purse while I go to the restroom?

— Please hang onto your hat tightly—it's very windy on the rooftop.

— Do I need to hang onto this receipt or can I throw it in the trash?

Hang onto my phone while I run to the bathroom.


  • hand over
  • give back
  • fork over

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