Idiom:  hail from somewhere


Idiom:  hail from somewhere

  • come from a place (city/state/country, etc.)

Example sentences

— hail from the great state of New York.

— My husband hails from the same small town as you do—Do you know the Brown’s? 

— The next contestant hails from the Midwest. Sandra Benning grew up in Iowa and is currently studying Public Relations at the University of Michigan.

— You say you're from the West Coast? Where exactly do you hail from?

— hail from the great state of Texas and can't imagine living anywhere else.

— My husband and I hailed from different sides of the state but met in New York City at a conference.

— Do you know anyone who hails from Seattle, Washington? My daughter is relocating over there and could use some advice.

— People who hail from small towns often find it difficult to adjust to the noise and crowds in large cities.

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