Idiom:  had better

Artistic lettering of the idiom "had better": You had better get good grades or you'll lose your scholarship.


Idiom:  had better

  • must or should do something

Example sentences

— We had better wear face masks when we travel to protect against flu viruses.

— You'd better get in bed before mom sees that you're still up playing video games.

— I’d better get going or I’ll be late for work.

— We had better buy travel insurance this time. 

— Thank you but I'd better not have another glass of wine because I'm driving.

— We'd better get going—it looks like a storm is coming soon.

— My doctor said I had better use less salt in my food because I've got pre-hypertension.

— The National Institute of Health says children, older adults and other vulnerable people had better get the flu vaccination this year.

— You'd better not forget to take your pas

— He'd better not cancel his appointment on short notice again or we're going to have to start enforcing our late cancellation fees.

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