Idiom:  give up


Idiom:  give up

  • to stop trying to achieve something and accept failure

Example sentences

— Winners never give up until they succeed.

— I still love my boyfriend but I had to give up our relationship because he said he was never going to marry me unless I converted to his religion. 

— If you give up now you always be wondering whether you could have been a professional volleyball player.

— Tiger Woods' victory today shows what you can achieve—at any age and despite serious health  issues—if you never give up and work really hard.

— I'm never going to give up my dream of going to Stanford University.  Even though I didn't get in as an undergrad, I can still go to graduate school there or even summer school.

— We waited for 45 minutes for you to show up last night and then we decided to give up and go into the club without you.

— The judge made the defendant give up custody of her kids after she was convicted a second time of selling  cocaine and heroin from her home.

— It was obvious to everyone that Nick Kyrgios just gave up after the first set of the tennis match. He should receive a major fine for that.

— Please don't give up on me. I promise to try harder next time. 


  • wimp out
  • bow out
  • back out

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