Idiom:  give someone half a chance


Idiom:  give someone half a chance

  • to give someone an opportunity

Example sentences

  • If my parents only gave me half a chance I could show them I’m responsible but they never trust me to do anything.
  • Please give me half a chance and I'll show you how nice and charming I am.
  • We force our children give every food half a chance by making them try a very small portion.  As a result, they already eat a wide variety of foods.
  • I still think you should take that promotion. How will you know you won't like Chicago if you don't even give it half of a chance?
  • It's sad but you probably won't be given half a chance to study in the United States because you won't be able to get a student visa.
  • Kids growing up in the projects get such a poor education, they're not given half a chance to succeed in our country.
  • When women are given half a chance to prove they can thrive in the corporate world they usually do very well.
  • None of these companies will give me half a chance to show them what a good employee I would be.
  • I just created a YouTube channel to showcase my music because it's obvious American Idol and The Voice will never give me half a chance.


  • given the chance

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