Idiom:  give someone half a chance


Idiom:  give someone/something half a chance

  • to give someone or something an opportunity

This means to not judge or dismiss something immediately but instead to try something and discover if you like it, approve of it, want it, don't want it, etc.

The idea is that there is a very good chance you will like or approve of the person or thing if you do not already have a negative opinion beforehand.

That's why the idiom says "half" a chance. If you would even partially consider the person and thing for its own qualities or allow it a fair opportunity, it will have a positive outcome.

Example sentences

— If my parents only gave me half a chance I could show them I’m responsible but they never trust me to do anything.

— Please give me half a chance and I'll show you how nice and charming I am.

— We force our children give every food half a chance by making them try a very small portion.  As a result, they already eat a wide variety of foods.

— I still think you should take that promotion. How will you know you won't like Chicago if you don't even give it half of a chance?

— It's sad but you probably won't be given half a chance to study in the United States because you won't be able to get a student visa.

— Kids growing up in the projects get such a poor education, they're not given half a chance to succeed in our country.

— When women are given half a chance to prove they can thrive in the corporate world they usually do very well.

— None of these companies will give me half a chance to show them what a good employee I would be.

— I just created a YouTube channel to showcase my music because it's obvious American Idol and The Voice will never give me half a chance.


  • given the chance

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