Idiom:  give someone a hand


Idiom:  give (lend) someone a hand

  • help someone with something

Example sentences

— You’ve got both arms full of groceries. Can I give you a hand opening the door?

— I’m so glad you lent me a hand with the cleaning—I never would’ve finished on time. 

— Could you give us a hand with the party decorations?

— We promised to lend a hand at church today by calling parishioners for donations.

— Could somebody lend us a hand over here with these boxes? 

— Sorry I'm late, I had to give my neighbor a hand with changing a flat tire.

— Your grandson is so kind. He always lends me a hand with repairs around the house whenever he's in town.

— You'll love living in this apartment building. The neighbors are so friendly and they guys at the front desk will happily give you a hand whenever you need something.


  • help out
  • pitch in

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