Idiom:  give out


Idiom:  give out

  1. to be completely finished or not of use anymore
  2. to stop working

Example sentences

— After three years, my favorite pair of boots finally gave out and I had to throw them away.

— I'm never buying a cheap radio again—this one gave out after just 10 months.

— Can you please order some more toner for the printer? It's just about to give out.

— If the tires on your car give out before the end of the warranty, they will be replaced without extra charge.

— I'm sorry but the freshly squeezed orange juice has already given out. Would you like some grapefruit juice instead?

— I was walking down the stairs when my knee gave out and I tumbled down several steps and twisted my ankle.

— This is the second Fitbit that's given out on me so I'm going to try an Apple Watch instead.

— How could this refrigerator give out already?  We just bought it a year-and-a-half ago.


  • wear out
  • break down
  • go to pieces
  • fall apart

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