Idiom:  give or take


Idiom:  give or take

  • approximately a certain amount

Example sentences

  • It will take an hour, give or take, to drive downtown during rush hour traffic or just 20 minutes if we wait until this evening.
  • The recipe requires either two kilos of apples, give or take, or one large jar of applesauce.
  • It will take four hours, give or take, to get to the beach.
  • For incidental expenses, we recommend that each participant budget $25 give or take a few dollars depending on their individual needs.
  • By the time I got to the box office, there were already 45 people, give or take, waiting in line to buy tickets.
  • The painters called and said they'd be here at 7:30 am, give or take an hour.
  • Can you tell me how many people are registered for the conference, give or take?
  • We raised $15,000, give or take a few hundred dollars at our last fundraising happy hour and we expect to make more than that at tomorrow's event.


  • in the ballpark
  • in the neighborhood
  • more or less
  • somewhere around

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