Idiom:  give in


Idiom:  give in (to someone/something)

  • to agree to something you previously didn't agree to

Example sentences

  • My parents always give in if I keep asking them the same thing over and over again.
  • After I explained how important going to the seminar was, my boss gave in to my request  to travel to California for the meeting. 
  • When I told my boyfriend I was tired of giving into his wishes, he broke up with me.
  • If you always give in to your kids' demands, they'll become spoiled.
  • Dad, could you please give in and let mom choose the restaurant this time? 
  • It's okay to give in every once in awhile to your sugar cravings—just don't give in every day.
  • Tired of giving in to your fears and doubts? As your personal coach, I will help you overcome negative thinking and take action.
  • I'm so tired of the bickering.  I wish one of the kids would give in and let the other ride on the scooter for awhile.


  • cave in

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