Idiom:  give and take


Idiom:  give and take

  • a compromise where a person gives something in order to get something from someone else
  • an exchange of views in order to explore an issue or make a decision

Example sentences

— Finding a language partner is a give and take.  You can't expect someone to want to only speak English with you and not practice the language they want to learn!

— Marriage is supposed to be a give and take but I definitely give much more than I take.

— Living with roommates is a give and take—you may think you're perfect but they're likely to think otherwise.

— A great business is a give and take where the company focuses more on giving great value then on taking their customers' money.

— Life is a give and take and you'll do well if you focus on giving.

— Our relationship is a real give and take and that's why my business partner and I have worked together successfully for almost 20 years.

— The two groups had an amiable give and take before a settlement was reached.


  • trade off
  • find a happy medium
  • find middle ground

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