Idiom:  get on someone’s nerves


Idiom:  get on someone’s nerves

  • to annoy or bother someone

Example sentences

  • When our neighbor talks on the phone for hours it really gets on my nerves because he talks so loud we can hear everything he says.
  • That song gets on my nerves—can you change the radio station?
  • Riding the metro to and from work gets on my nerves. People are so rude.
  • It really gets on my nerves when my co-worker cracks and pops her bubble gum all day.
  • Go away! You're getting on my nerves with your never-ending questions.
  • I doubt I'll ever have kids. I'm sorry but they really get on my nerves.
  • My roommate's girlfriend gets on my nerves when she talks in a winy, baby voice.
  • My parents' constant arguing gets on my nerves!


  • try someone's patience
  • drive someone up the wall
  • get under someone's skin
  • make someone's blood boil
  • get in someone's hair
  • mess with someone

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