Idiom:  get it together


Idiom:  get it together

  • to become organized
  • to adjust or become prepared
  • to improve the state off one's life

Example sentences

— Get it together quickly or you're going to lose your job!

— It was a lot easier to get it together after I got a smart phone and started using the calendar, reminders and other helpful apps.

— I hired a professional organizer to help us get it together at home.

— After I got arrested for drunk driving I knew it was time to get it together.

— There are at least 14 overdue bills on your desk. Get it together before you destroy your credit.

— I didn't get it together until after I had children. Until that time I couldn't take care of myself very well.

— My son cannot seem to get it together on his own so we're hoping a psychologist may be able to help him.

— Their record is 0 wins and 18 losses? This team needs to hire a new coach to help them get it together.


  • get one's act together
  • pull oneself together
  • take care of

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