Idiom:  get along


Idiom:  get along (with someone)

  • to have a good relationship with someone

Example sentences

  • Luckily, my cat and my dog get along very well with each other.
  • I love my father-in-law but I don’t get along with my mother-in-law  at all.
  • I really hope our children get along but we shouldn't try to force them to be friends.
  • How did you get along with your previous supervisor?
  • I get along really well with both of my roommates but they often argue with each other.
  • Unfortunately, our last receptionist didn't get along very well with the director so she resigned after just three weeks.
  • Everybody seems to be getting along at the retreat so far.
  • What happened between your parents? They used to get along so well but now they seem miserable together.
  • You'll love my friend Allison. She gets along well with everyone.
  • The retreat was great. Everyone got along really well and we exchanged information so we can stay in touch with each other.


  • get on (with)

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