Idiom:  get a jump on


Idiom:  get a jump on someone/something

  • to act before someone/something to get an early advantage

Note:  This idiom comes from running races where sprinters jump out of the "blocks" as fast as possible after the gun goes off to start the race with an advantage.

Example sentences

— We left an hour early for the beach to get a jump on weekend traffic.

— We're going to get a jump on the competition by giving free samples to all of the residents as they move into the new housing complex.

— Retailers try to get a jump on the competition by offering Christmas sales earlier and earlier so it's common now to see holiday decorations go up in late-September.

— Early social media users got a jump on their competition even though they weren't sure how they could make money with these platforms.

— got a jump on my college career by taking courses at a junior college over the summer.

— My children took a speed-reading course when they were in 6th grade and this helped them get a jump on their reading skills.

— We offer a wide variety of courses that will help you get a jump on newly-released software upgrades.

— I got a jump on other bloggers by by starting writing as soon as it came out. 

— We've been doing a lot of research to help us get a jump on our competitors.


  • get a jump on

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