Idiom:  feel for someone


Idiom:  feel for someone

  • to feel sympathy or empathy for someone

Example sentences

  • My sister has been trying to get pregnant for seven years and I really feel for her.
  • My father also died when I was a child so I feel for you
  • I really feel for my aunt who's had three miscarriages in the past two years.
  • It must be so difficult to take care of someone who's been ill for so long. We really feel for you and hope your husband recovers soon.
  • I feel for my assistant.  She has to take three different buses to go home, so I try to drop her off to her final bus stop whenever I can leave the office early.
  • I really feel for those children.  I hope someone will adopt them and give them a loving home.
  • You can tell how much that teacher feels for her students.  She prepares sandwiches and snacks for needy students on Friday's so they'll have something to eat over the weekend.
  • We never thought our son would feel for animals to this extent, but he's so upset about animal cruelty he's now vegan.


  • be sorry for
  • have compassion for
  • bleed for
  • take pity on

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