Idiom:  fed up


Idiom:  fed up (with someone/something)

  • to be bothered and angry by someone/something

Example sentences

  • My assistant was so fed up with driving through rush-hour traffic to the office that she quit.
  • I'm fed up with my children's antisocial behavior.
  • I'm fed up with your talking back to me. Give me your phone and go do your homework right now.

  • We were fed up with our internet service and finally switched to Verizon last month.

  • Our manager was fed up with the way one of our clients was treating us so he told them we don't want their business anymore.

  • My father was fed up with the loud noise from the construction next door so we bought him a ticket to go stay with my sister in Florida for the next two weeks.

  • Everyone was fed up with the local government so they voted in an entirely new city council at last month's elections.

  • We've been so fed up with our puppy's behavior that we finally hired a trainer and also send him to obedience school twice a week.

  • Aren't you fed up with the cold weather in Boston?


  • sick and tired (of something)
  • up to here (with something)

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