Idiom:  far and wide


Idiom:  far and wide

  • to a great extent or area

Example sentences

— I looked far and wide for a new apartment in the city but everything was too expensive.

— Our friends are coming from far and wide to our wedding so we reserved a block of hotel rooms.

— You can see fragrant lavender fields in bloom far and wide in Provence from June to August.

— We looked for you far and wide at the concert but couldn't find you, so we finally sat down near the left-hand side of the stage.

— We searched far and wide for an affordable house in the San Francisco area but couldn't find anything under $500,000, so we moved to Portland instead.

— We biked far and wide throughout Italy during our vacation and the scenery was spectacular.

— This morning, I looked far and wide for my glasses and finally found them in my car. 

— The internet is reaching far and wide into the most remote areas of the planet.

— The Coronavirus spread far and wide, infection people around the globe.

— Protestors came far and wide to Washington, DC to express their disappointment with the Trump Administration.


  • near and far
  • far and near

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