Idiom:  fall on deaf ears


Idiom:  fall on deaf ears

  • when something someone says is completely ignored

Example sentences

  • My work performance has been great, but I'm still worried my request for a raise will fall on deaf ears.
  • My children constantly beg for toys but my reminders about their chores always fall on deaf ears.
  • My calls to staff to submit their time sheets by Friday morning are falling on deaf ears. In the future I won't process their paychecks instead of reminding them.
  • The principal's morning classroom announcements are falling on deaf ears so we need to think of another way to get the students to listen to us.
  • My husband and I feel like our conversations with our children are falling on deaf ears. What do you recommend we do?
  • Keep your messages brief or else they will fall on deaf ears.
  • Our presentation must have fell on deaf ears because there were no questions at the end.

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