Idiom:  fall off the radar


Idiom:  fall off the radar

  • to no longer be noticed or important

Example sentences

— Since everyone became obsessed with President Trump, healthcare issues have unfortunately fallen off the radar.

— She was a really successful singer but after she had a child she fell off the radar.

— I feel sorry for female actors that fall off the radar as soon as they enter their 30s.

— I loved that show but it fell off the radar after the actor playing the main character was arrested for drunk driving.

— What happened to the director of Sales? They kept writing emails about her success but now it's like she fell off the radar.

— All the boy bands fall off the radar as soon as they attempt to launch solo careers.

— I really hope this after school program doesn't fall off the radar—it's really helping a lot of people.

— What happened to Justin Bieber? He fell off the radar since he got married.

— I often wonder what happened to Sharon? She fell off the radar after she left Citibank.


  • out of sight, out of mind

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