Idiom:  fall for something


Idiom:  fall for something

  • to believe something that isn't really true

Example sentences

— When you shop for a new car don't fall for those "no money down" offers—they are a total rip-off.

— fell for a credit card scam by giving my account information to someone who called me and pretended to be from my bank.

— I can't believe you clicked on the link in the email and fell for that hoax.

— Social media can be very dangerous especially for young people who easily fall for scams.

— It's unbelievable that Trump's supporters often fall for his lies, even after he contradicts himself.

— I told my mom I was at your place last night and surprisingly, she fell for it.

— If you think you've fallen for one of these banking scams, please do not hesitate to contact the police.

— When we went to Mexico, we were approached by someone who said she was selling tours but unfortunately, she wasn't really working for anyone and we fell for it.

— Police warned people in the neighborhood not to fall for the sales pitch by young people going door to door supposedly selling girl scout cookies.


  • fall for something hook, line and sinker

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