Idiom:  fall for someone


Idiom:  fall for someone

  • to fall in love with someone

Example sentences

— Ugh, my little sister falls for a new guy every month and we have to listen to her talk about him for hours.

— Try not to fall for a girl just because she's beautiful—a relationship is more than just about physical attraction.

— After we divorced, my wife fell hard for a 30 year old guy who is widowed with three young children.

— I still haven't ever fallen for anyone. I've liked a few people but I could not call it love.

— In our culture, it doesn't matter who you fall for because everyone's parents arrange marriages for their children.

— I fell for a guy last summer who ended up getting engaged to my roommate two months after he came over to our place for dinner.

— As they say, if you're going to fall for someone, you may as well fall for someone rich.

— I'm sorry I every fell for you. My life has been awful since I met you.

— Adam has been dating four girls and has fallen for three of them.

— I'll never fall for a married man again. I won't even talk to them.


  • fall for someone hook, line and sinker

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