Idiom:  end of the road


Idiom:  end of the road

  • the final part of something

Example sentences

  • Our marriage already reached the end of the road during our honeymoon—but we didn't divorce until 10 months later.
  • It's been a long summer but this hot weather has finally come to the end of the road
  • After months of negotiations, our company is at the end of the road and we've been acquired by Bermaster Group.
  • Our kitchen renovation is at the end of the road and we're relieved it's finally finished.
  • I'm both excited and sad about reaching the end of the road of my undergraduate life.
  • It may be the end of the road for your career as a professional athlete but I'm sure the next chapter of your life will be exciting to.
  • This is the end of the road for this product. It's no longer selling very well and we need to focus on our successful products instead.
  • Is this is the end of the road for cassette tapes or will a specialty company continue to produce them for nostalgia reasons?
  • We've raised kids for the past 30 years and we're so happy we're at the end of the road. Everyone if now off to college and we're going to enjoy a quiet home.


  • end of the line

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