Idiom:  eleventh hour


Idiom:  eleventh hour

  • the last moment or almost too late

Example sentences

— I waited until the eleventh hour to submit my application but luckily I finished it on time.

— Quentin, don't wait until the eleventh hour to do your homework! You need to go to bed early tonight.

— We weren't sure we'd be able to do it but we finished the report at the eleventh hour and filed it exactly at the deadline.

— Airline prices will be really expensive if you wait until the eleventh hour to buy tickets.

— We waited until the eleventh hour to buy a car and were able to get a great deal on last year's model.

— If you wait until the eleventh hour to file your taxes and can't figure out how to do them, you'll be screwed.

— My client waited until the eleventh hour to book her appointment and now I don't have any openings left.

— You really need to stop waiting until the eleventh hour to leave for work. You have to leave a margin to account for traffic.

— We made it to the train station at the eleventh hour. Thank goodness.

— I told my students not to wait until the eleventh hour to submit their papers. I won't be accepting any excuses about technical difficulties.


  • the last minute
  • the last moment
  • just in time
  • nick of time

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