Idiom:  eat someone alive


Idiom:  eat someone alive

  1. to make someone feel pain/guilt or suffer
  2. to overwhelm or defeat someone

Example sentences

— Lying to my wife about our finances really ate me alive, so I finally told her I've got $50,000 in credit card debt.

— Keeping my pregnancy a secret from my colleagues the first three months ate me alive

— Watching my seven-year-old have trouble making friends really eats me alive.

— My son’s battle with brain cancer ate all of us alive, so we were relieved when he passed away and didn’t have to suffer anymore.

— Keeping secrets will eat you alive.

— We're not prepared for this debate. Our opponents are going to eat us alive.

— I tried working in sales but the competition and backstabbing ate me alive.

— My daughter competed on the reality TV show "Survivor" but the other contestants ate her alive and she was voted off at the first Tribal Council.

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