Idiom:  eat like a horse


Idiom:  eat like a horse

  • to frequently eat a large amount of food

Example sentences

— My daughter is super skinny but you'd never believe she eats like a horse.

— Sorry I'm eating like a horse but I didn't have time for lunch today. 

— I’ve got three boys at home who eat like a horse so my grocery bill is so high these days.

— I never go to all-you-can-eat buffets anymore because I end up eating like a horse and feel sick afterwards.

— If you don’t stop eating like a horse you’re going to gain a lot of weight this winter.

— When we were on vacation my friend and I both ate like a horse and now we've got at least 10 kg to lose.

— Your girlfriend really eats like a horse, doesn’t she?

— My mom was so excited that my roommate ate like a horse when he came over to visit.

— I’ve been eating like a horse over the holidays and look forward to eating healthy foods in the new year.

Antonym (opposite meaning)

  • eat like a bird

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