Idiom:  drive yourself into the ground

Picture of car and idiom definition + example: You're going to drive yourself into the ground working until 11 pm every night.


Idiom:  run/ work/ drive yourself into the ground

  • to work so hard or do so much that you become sick or exhausted

Example sentences

— If you keep working so much overtime you're going to drive yourself into the ground.

— I'm really worried about my father. The last time he drove himself into the ground, he had a heart attack.

— You're sick so often because you continue to drive yourself into the ground with all this volunteer work. You really need to get more sleep.

— Our son loves his work but he doesn't understand he's not as effective when he drives himself into the ground.

— My doctor recommended I take off a month from work. I've driven myself into the ground and feel burnt out.

— Most accountants have to drive themselves into the ground during tax season.

— Everyone drove themselves into the ground the final week before the elections. So, they'll need to rest and regroup for a few days before campaigning again for the runoff.

— I feel like I don't have any energy left. I really drove myself into the ground studying for final exams.

— Why do you continue to drive yourself into the ground? You have the flu and need to rest.

— My wife was driving herself into the ground so I hired someone to clean our home, do laundry and cook meals for us three days a week.

 I used to drive myself into the ground because I didn’t want to slow down enough to face the reality that I had no personal life.


  • wear oneself out
  • run oneself ragged
  • burn oneself out

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