Idiom:  drive to distraction


Idiom:  drive to distraction

  1. to confuse or distract someone so they can't focus
  2. to greatly annoy or frustrate someone

Example sentences

— This construction is driving me to distraction. I'm going to work at the cafe for a while.

— There's a beautiful girl in our chemistry class and she's driving everyone to distraction.

— I hate it when people wear perfume to the theater—it honestly drives me to distraction.

— I have to wear earplugs at work because the person next to me pops her gum so loudly it drives me to distraction.

— You'll never get work done by the pool. The girls in their bikinis will drive you to distraction.

— Unfortunately, I can't get any work done at home because my kids drive me to distraction.

— How can you study in the library? All the private conversations drive me to distraction.

— There's no way you're going to buy that patterned wallpaper for the living room. It will drive me to distraction.


  • drive someone nuts/crazy/mad
  • hit/touch a nerve
  • hit/touch a raw nerve
  • drive someone out of their mind
  • get in someone's hair
  • drive someone up the wall

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