Idiom:  day in and day out


Idiom:  day in and day out | day in, day out

  • repeatedly
  • all the time, incessantly
  • constantly

Example sentences

— My roommate works day in and day out so I never see him anymore.

— I hate it but I go to the gym day in, day out to stay healthy.

— This is your last warning. You need to be on time day in and day out from now on or you'll be fired.

— My secretary is wonderful. She's cheerful and outgoing day in and day out and it makes the work environment so pleasant.

— Working day in and day out as a lifeguard is so boring.

— It's been raining day in, day out for the past week and my kids are going crazy.

— I hate nagging my husband day in and day out to put the toilet seat down.

— There's been a rush hour traffic jam on the highway day in, day out for as long as I can remember so I always take the back roads to work.

— Day in and day out my mom worked three jobs so that we could go to private school.

— Daniel wrote to me day in and day out on Facebook and then one day he ghosted me. I don't even know if he was a guy in high school. He could have been anyone.

— When we were little we used to come to this park day in and and day out. It looks so much smaller than I remember.

— My mother nags me day in, day out about my homework, chores... you name it.


  • over and over (again)
  • time and (time) again
  • day after day
  • night and day
  • all the time
  • ad nauseum
  • twenty-four-seven
  • morning, noon and night

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