Idiom:  day by day


Idiom:  day by day

  • gradually over time
  • regularly
  • steadily

Example sentences

— Day by day he’s getting better but it will be several months before his leg is completely healed.

— If you study English for just 20 minutes day by day, you'll achieve excellent results at the end of a year.

— My second pregnancy is very difficult compared to the first so I'm trying to take it day by day.

— The tropical storm made change to a hurricane so we're deciding on whether to require people to evacuate day by day.

— I'm weight lifting now and getting stronger day by day.

— Day by day my roommate is annoying me even more and I'm thinking about moving out.

— We rescued a dog that was abused by his previous owners and finally after three months, he's trusting us a little bit more day by day.

— Day by day I've been pulling weeds in the garden and it's finally starting to look good.

— You can easily gain or lose weight by the small food choices you make day by day.

— With Coronavirus we've just learned to take it day by day and be patient until our community can safely reopen.


  • day after day
  • day to day

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