Idiom:  clear one’s name


Idiom:  clear one’s name

  • to prove innocence about something (that you did not do something wrong or illegal)

Example sentences

— Even though they jury found him innocent and cleared his name, many people still believe he’s guilty.

— The politician vowed that the investigation would clear his name of any wrongdoing.

— The report cleared the director's name from any collusion during the program.

— The conductor's name will be cleared once and for all when the facts of the train crash are released to the public.

— My son is innocent and I will not stop until we clear his name.

— New DNA technology helped clear the convicted killer's name and he was released from prison after serving 20 years.

— Let's wait to hear what Joe has to say. I'm sure there's a mistake and he'll clear his name.

— I was a victim of identity theft and it took years to clear my name with my creditors.


  • beat the rap
  • be in the clear
  • come up/out smelling of roses

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