Idiom:  catch someone off guard


Idiom:  catch someone off guard

  • to surprise someone

Example sentences

— When my boss told me he was raising my salary he really caught me off guard.

— I hope I didn't catch you off guard when I arrived without calling.

— I've prepared answers to every question anyone might think of asking because I hate it when the audience catches me off guard.

— We were all caught off guard when the teacher told us we were having a pop quiz.

— My mom was caught off guard when my 15 year old brother announced his girlfriend was pregnant.

— You caught me off guard last night when you said you were moving to the West Coast.  I'll really miss you when you move.

— Here are some questions for you to review so you won't be caught off guard at the interview.

— The movie star was caught off guard when the paparazzi were waiting for him outside of the plastic surgeon's office.

— The director caught us off guard when he announced he was taking a 6-month sabbatical.


  • take by surprise
  • catch off balance

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