Idiom:  catch someone in the act


idiom:  catch someone in the act

  • to see or discover someone at the exact moment they're doing something, especially something bad or wrong.

Example sentences

  • I tried to quietly walk in the back door to the office because I was late but my colleague caught me in the act and told my boss.
  • I turned my paper to the side so Stephen could copy answers off my test but the teacher caught us in the act and gave both of us a failing grade.
  • This morning I caught my dog in the act of knocking over the garbage can and searching for food. 
  • My son said he never even kissed someone before but today our next door neighbor caught him and his daughter in the act
  • The babysitter didn't realize we had installed a security camera so we caught her in the act inviting friends over to watch TV rather than watching the kids. 
  • My boss caught me in the act of doing my homework instead of working but luckily I just got a warning this time. 
  • My father always opens my bedroom door without knocking as if he's trying to catch me in the act of doing something wrong, but all I'm doing is studying. 
  • I told my children that if I ever catch them in the act of drinking or smoking they will lose all their privileges including their phones and seeing friends.


  • catch someone red-handed
  • catch someone with their pants down

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