Idiom:  carry on


Idiom:  carry on

  • to continue doing something

Example sentences

  • When my husband lost his job he was brave and carried on as if everything was okay.
  • As the British say, 'Keep calm and carry on.'
  • My dog died during final exams and it was really hard to carry on but I had no choice.
  • I think you should take a week off of work instead of trying to carry on after your sister's death.
  • I really hate being a lawyer but I've got to carry on until I've paid off all my student loans.
  • This client is very difficult but we have to carry on until the end of the contract.
  • I couldn't carry on with this job a day longer and just handed in my resignation.
  • I wish we hadn't carried on as long as we did but we were worried a divorce would upset our children.
  • I hate it when Samantha complains all day. She just carries on about the smallest things.


  • keep on
  • keep on keeping on
  • carry out
  • go for broke

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