Idiom:  cant hack it


Idiom:  cant hack it

  • to not be able to do something or handle a situation successfully

Example sentences

  • I tried going to law school but I couldn’t hack it.
  • I thought you couldn't hack it but your performance was better than the more experienced salespeople. 
  • If you can't hack it, it's okay to give up soccer and focus on your studies.
  • I really wanted to become a computer programmer but I just couldn't hack it.
  • She's a great tennis player but she can't hack it when her matches are close and there's a lot of pressure.
  • My son really transferred to a performance arts school but he couldn't hack it.
  • Many Peace Corps volunteers return back to the United States after a few months in developing countries because they just can't hack it.
  • I had to be honest with myself about a career in modeling—it's a high pressured environment and I just couldn't hack it.


  • cut it
  • make it
  • cut the mustard
  • make the cut
  • make the grade
  • pull it off

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