Idiom:  call on (someone)


Idiom:  call on (someone)

  • to ask someone for help
  • to make a request

Example sentences

— It’s great to have a boyfriend to call on when you need help around the house.

— Luckily, I can call on my mother to help babysit my kids when there's an emergency.

— Don't hesitate to call on me when you move to your new apartment.

— My constituents are calling on me to vote "no" on the legislation and I've got no choice because I'm up for reelection in November.

— My aunt said I could call on her whenever I needed help but when I do she's never available.

— Feel free to call in us at any time—our hotline is open 24/7.

— Let's call on our Instagram and Facebook followers to give $5 and we should be able to cover the cost of the dog's surgery if just 2% donate.

— We're calling on our volunteers to help us pick up trash and debris from the local parks next weekend and we hope you will be available to help.

— Our neighbor called on us to pick up her mail for two weeks while she was on vacation so we were really surprised when she refused to do the same for us. 


  • call upon

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