Idiom:  call it quits


Idiom:  call it quits

  • to stop doing something
  • to end a relationship

Example sentences

— I tried and tried to learn speak French but now I’m calling it quits.

— Are you really going to call it quits with your diet after just two days?

— My parents called it quits and got divorced a few months ago.

— Nobody smokes anymore. You really need to call it quits with the cigarettes.

— My therapist told me that I have a pattern of calling it quits with my girlfriends after the first year of dating and I need to explore why I'm doing this.

— I love my boyfriend but I'm calling it quits because his family doesn't like me and it's causing me way too much stress.

— My fiancé called it quits the week before the wedding. When he discovered I can keep the ring because he ended the engagement, he actually tried to get back together with me!

— Are you going to call it quits at the first sign of difficulty?

—Our receptionist called it quits after just four hours on the job!

— There were many times I wanted to call it quits but I knew I'd never give up on my Olympic Dreams.

 Most people call it quits in the difficult moment just before they would've reached success. As they say, it's darkest before the dawn,


  • call it a day
  • hang it up
  • break off
  • call off
  • put an end to

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