Idiom:  call in sick


Idiom:  call in sick

  • to contact your workplace to say you can’t come in because you are sick

Example sentences

— Annie’s called in sick again today. I think she must be pregnant.

— I have a migraine headache but if I call in sick I won't get paid and I need the money for rent.

— The line is really long because the cashier called in sick but the manager is going to start ringing up sales now.

— It's better for people to call in sick than come in to work and spread illnesses to their colleagues.

— We've noticed that you've called in sick every Friday for five of the last eight weeks.  As a result, you'll have to provide a note from your doctor for any future absences.

— Hello Sarah? I'm really sorry but I'm not feeling well and I have to call in sick today.

— Dr. Rosenberg has called in sick so we need to start contacting patients to cancel all of his appointments.

— My secretary called in sick yesterday because she was "sick of work" and just needed a mental health day away from the office.

— I've never called in sick in the five years that I've been working here so I was shocked and disappointed when my boss gave me a hard time yesterday.

— If I call in sick today then I won't finish my report and my boss will probably fire me.

— Call in sick. We're going to the beach!

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