Idiom:  by yourself


Idiom:  by yourself (by oneself)

  • all alone

Example sentences

  • If you just want to be by yourself, why don’t you say so?
  • Driving you to all of your after school activities takes a lot of my time! I can't wait until you can drive by yourself.
  • Do you really want to get an apartment by yourself? It'll be so expensive.
  • My daughter is traveling by herself through Asia for two months so we're a bit anxious these days.
  • I'm taking a trip all by myself next week—I just want to relax and get away from everyone.
  • Why do you always want to be by yourself?  It's rude to stay in your room when guests are here.
  • I'm an introvert, so I actually love being by myself.
  • Please don't hound Andy to come out this evening. It's completely natural for him to want to be by himself for a few weeks after his mother passed away.

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