Idiom:  by hand


Idiom:  by hand

  • something done using the hands, manually
  • something made without the help of a machine

Example sentences

— This furniture was made by hand so it’s very unique and carefully crafted.

— All of our carpets are woven by hand by artisans in Iran.

— I always wash my delicate clothing by hand to make sure the fabric doesn't shrink. 

— Look at this beautiful sweater. It looks like someone made it by hand.

— It takes longer but I prefer to address all of my Christmas card envelopes by hand for a more personal touch.

— All of the soaps on this table were made by hand, so that's why each piece is slightly different.

— Would you believe my great-grandfather carved the design in this table by hand?

— We don't have time to send this package through the post so we'll need to get a courier to deliver it by hand.

— This is my favorite quilt  because my mother made it by hand.

— All of these masks were made by hand by our seventh grade students.

— Don't worry, if you're having problems punching your hours in I will enter them into your timesheet by hand and you will get paid on time.

— The reason there are differences in color is that each ornament was painted by hand.

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