Idiom:  bet the farm


Idiom:  bet the farm

  • to risk everything one has on something

Example sentences

  • I've got investments with two companies because I'm afraid of betting the farm with one broker.
  • Don't bet the farm when you go to Las Vegas! It's better to take what you're willing to lose in cash. 
  • I know you won't bet the farm on it, but I know I'm going to be famous one day.

  • My parents took some bad financial advice and bet the farm with their life savings so now they probably won't be able to retire until they're in their late 70s.

  • I wouldn't advise you to bet the farm on the director coming to the conference because his schedule is really full next month.

  • I felt like I was betting the farm when I took my life savings and started a business but I'm already doing better than I had expected.

  • Buying and selling real estate with Bitcoin? Please don't bet the farm on it.


  • bet the ranch
  • go for broke

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