Idiom:  behind someone’s back


Idiom:  behind someone’s back

  • something happening when someone is not present

Example sentences

— My colleague is really nice to me but I don’t trust him because I know he talks negatively about me behind my back.

— I think my best friend is talking badly about me behind my back because she's often whispering to someone and then stops talking when I approach her.

— Do you realize that your team is arriving late every morning behind your back?

— We've just installed cameras in our home to make sure our babysitter isn't doing anything behind our back.

— Yesterday, I learned my girlfriend was cheating on me behind my back with my best friend.

— Someone told my manager that I was disagreeing with her behind her back and it's totally untrue!

— The committee arranged a meeting behind my colleague's back so I need to send her a message to let her know what's going on.

— My assistant is so amazing. She's always able to find out what people are saying behind my back

— How could you hire someone behind my back?

— I just found out my mother-in-law was telling our friends I was pregnant behind my back.

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