Idiom:  be into something


Idiom:  be into something

  • to be really interested in something
  • to really like doing some activity
  • to be very active in something

Example sentences

— Did you know that Dad was totally into the Bee Gee's when he was in high school?

— My boyfriend is really into shopping and fashion but I hate it.

— My kids are completely into Dora the Explorer. I've bought all the DVDs.

— I’m into Mozart and classical music these days.

— I used to be into soccer but I got bored of it after I stopped playing it in high school.

— Are you into that guy? I heard he was asking about you earlier.

— Thanks for the invitation but I'd rather not go with you to the Taylor Swift concert—I'm not into pop music at all.

— I didn't think you were into salsa dancing so that's why I didn't invite you last night.

— I'm into guys with dark hair and blue or green eyes. How about you?

— My mom wants to know if we're into ballet because she's got two tickets to The Nutcracker next week.

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