Idiom:  have bags under one’s eyes


Idiom:  have bags under one’s eyes

  • to have dark puffy circles under the eyes

Example sentences

— I have bags under my eyes because I was watching the football game last night and only slept three hours.

— Try this concealer cream—it will help reduce the appearance of those bags under your eyes

— My husband and I both have permanent bags under our eyes since we had baby and don’t get any sleep.

— It’s natural for people to get bags under their eyes as they age because the muscles around the eyes and eyelids weaken over time.

— There’s a great article in Cosmopolitan magazine this month about how to get rid of bags under your eyes.

— Applying teabags to the bags under your eyes is a really effective treatment.

— I can tell you haven’t slept in days because you’ve got massive bags under your eyes.

— My doctor recommended that I reduce my sodium intake and drink more water in order to help reduce the bags under my eyes.

— I'm terrified of growing old and getting bags under my eyes.

— Don't believe those ads. Those expensive creams will not eliminate bags under your eyes.

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