Idiom:  bad blood (between people)


Idiom:  bad blood (between people)

  • bad or unfriendly relationships between people or groups of people

Example sentences

  • There’s been bad blood between two of my best friends since they fought over the same girl this summer and now I have to see them separately.
  • Unfortunately, there's bad blood between my parents since their divorce, especially since my mother is dating a successful young lawyer. 
  • Family reunions are always interesting because there's so much bad blood between my relatives.
  • There's a lot of bad blood between my old boyfriend and my new boyfriend but they're going to have to work it out because they're on the same football team.
  • Do you have time to talk to me this evening? We live in the same house and I hate having bad blood between us.
  • There's decades of bad blood between these two basketball teams so the final game of the year is always really tense.
  • My colleagues and I used to be really close but since I was promoted to management there's been a lot of bad blood between us.
  • That was awkward. Is there bad blood between Jennifer and Amy these days?


  • ill will

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